National Sport Academy Connected Campus

Since 1995, it has been our privilege to work with young, aspiring student athletes and their families. Over the past 22 years, thousands of student athletes have successfully graduated from the National Sport Academy equipped with the tools and student athlete lifestyle required to achieve their personal goals and dreams. It was a welcome challenge to create the optimum athletic and academic environment while still working within a “traditional” school setting. Understanding what student athletes needed to excel, we found many creative ways to help fire the athletic passion within while, at the same time, pushing for the flexibility and sport recognition required for a supportive and successful academic environment.

While working with so many impassioned and driven young student athletes, it became very clear to us what a working blueprint for a “non-traditional” school needed to be. Student athletes require a school where they come first. We know you live, eat and breathe your sport – we would not want it any other way! We get it! You need a school where both athletics and academics are equally respected. Not a “jock school” but a disciplined and structured learning environment where student athletes are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and “fail forward”. A school where flexibility in daily schedules allows student athletes from many sports and grades the opportunity to connect together, learn together and have fun together. A perfect balance between individual learning and inspired group culture.

The National Sport Academy Connected Campus opened in September 2017. We are encouraged by the passion and dedication of the families who have participated in the inaugural year and look forward to opening the door to many more student athletes in the coming years.


Who will benefit from the NSACC environment?

  • Students in grades 7 – 12 who train in their sport during a traditional school day.
  • Students who travel and compete away from Calgary and miss traditional school days.
  • Students who want encouragement and support when they arrive at school late after a morning training session or have to leave early to go to an afternoon training session.
  • Students and parents who could use the support of an academic timeline to map out the students academic workload – what they have completed and what is remaining to be completed at various times of the year.
  • Students who need face to face support in the classroom in addition to the support from their online teachers.

How it works?

  • Students register with Vista Virtual School, an Alberta Education accredited online school that provides Alberta Education program of studies courses in grades 1 – 12. Vista Virtual School is a school with an Alberta Education school code recognized by all colleges and universities around the world.
  • The National Sport Academy Connected Campus supplements the Vista Virtual School experience by providing a physical classroom environment.
  • National Sport Academy Connected Campus student athletes attend the classroom at Triwood Community Association. Classroom hours are 8:30 am – 3:00 pm similar to a traditional school day.
  • Students receive their textbooks and workbooks from Vista Virtual School in late August in order to complete their courses.
  • Each student’s annual plan for their courses, exams and mid terms are mapped out according to the students anticipated sport schedule, changed as required due to changes in their sport schedule and provided to the student and their parent.
  • Students use their personal laptop to work on projects and assignments, research projects and communicate with their Vista Virtual School teachers.

The classroom:

  • Provides the necessary physical resources to learn (example: desks, wifi, printer, scanner).
  • Consists of a student body with common interests in sport learning to lead the successful lifestyle of a student athlete.
  • Is a dynamic and flexible setting with athletes arriving and leaving at various times throughout the day dependent on their training / competition schedules.

The National Sport Academy Connected Campus teacher:

  • Works in cooperation with Vista Virtual School by supporting the student athletes.
  • Maintains the NSACC classroom so it is a clean and operational classroom to support and engage learners socially and for academic learning.
  • Acts as a learning manager to support Vista Virtual School assisting student athletes in managing their academic workload in order to complete assignments, quizzes and exams within a 10 month (or less) schedule – September to June.
  • Provides one on one or small group student support, as required, to learn and complete subject matter in their courses.
  • Facilitates the communication between students and Vista Virtual School teachers to access the support, expertise and feedback from the Vista Virtual School teachers.

More Information & Questions

We recognize this is a new concept – we know you have many questions. Due to the uniqueness of the National Sport Academy Connected Campus we welcome a conversation over the telephone or a meeting in person. Please send an email with your contact information.