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National Sport Academy – Lacrosse – Female

National Sport Academy Lacrosse for female student athletes is a unique and specialized training and learning environment at Central Memorial High School for female student athletes in grade 10, 11 and 12 with the goal of experiencing and developing the lifestyle of a female student athlete as well as developing high level lacrosse skills and tactics to play women’s lacrosse at the college / university level. Periodized sport training is designed to work in harmony with the demands of student athletes’ competitive sport training schedules and academic course load.

Achieving a female student athlete’s dream of being a high performance student athlete or receiving an athletic scholarship and playing college / university athletics or playing for your country are lofty goals. Training for this lifestyle is important.

The National Sport Academy helps the female student athlete and their parents navigate the arduous and sometimes confusing journey to become a successful elite female student athlete. By focusing on…

  • Character development
  • Sport development – athletics and sport
  • Strength and conditioning – developing and improving physical attributes
  • Personal skills – time management, being organized, effectively communicate
  • Supporting and promoting academics

…the National Sport Academy female student athletes can achieve what many National Sport Academy alumni have achieved – playing and competing at an elite level in their sport.

Why should you…
consider the National Sport Academy Lacrosse Program?

National Sport Academy Lacrosse Head Coach, Gord Henry

  • Professional
  • Dedicated
  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Passionate!

National Sport Academy Lacrosse box and field training is incorporated into the Central Memorial High School day as an option and doesn’t impact core classes.

Purposeful National Sport Academy Lacrosse practices give female student athletes the competitive advantage of training more than 3 times that of many other lacrosse players.

Learn advanced technical & tactical skills

  • Passing, shooting, catching, loose balls,
  • Checking & positioning
  • Box: Offence, Transition, Defence & Goaltender
  • Field: Attack, Midfield, Defence, Goaltender

Technical Development focuses on establishing composure, confidence and creativity specific to each player’s position:

  • Passing
  • Dodges
  • Shooting
  • Checking
  • Cradling
  • Positioning
  • Pick and Rolls
  • Catching
  • Loose Balls
  • Decision Making / Thinking

Develop technical skills for all positions: field & box lacrosse.

  • Offensive and defensive principles & decision making.
  • Experience quality, purposeful practices.
  • Repetition, taking the necessary risks in order to learn high level skills & decision making!

Train with Strength & Conditioning Specialists. Develop the physical attributes to take your game to the next level!

Sport training sessions are innovative and focus on individual needs. Athletes are challenged in a positive and competitive environment.

Tactical Themes are established to increase an athlete’s understanding and passion for the field lacrosse and the box lacrosse game, translating to maximum success as player progress through various levels including:

  • Ball Control / Protection
  • Off-Ball Strategy
  • Vision & awareness to be creative and innovative
  • Creativity
  • Video Analysis
  • Gap Control
  • Changing Direction & Speed
  • Quick Sticks
  • Transition
  • Shooting on the Run

Use your National Sport Academy Lacrosse training along with your club training to achieve the learning outcomes in Physical Education 10 (5 credits), 20 (5 credits) and 30 (5 credits) as well as the opportunity to use National Sport Academy training to achieve additional credits in Career & Technology Studies (CTS) modules.

Develop athleticism and create an overall healthy lifestyle.

National Sport Academy Lacrosse prepares female student athletes to lead the lifestyle of a successful female student athlete – manage distractions, develop and lead a high performance lifestyle.

National Sport Academy assists in developing and preparing each female student athlete to market themselves to colleges and universities offering scholarships.

For more information, please contact:

Roger Wolfe, General Manager, National Sport Academy
Phone: 403-777-3646

Gord Henry, Head Coach, National Sport Academy Lacrosse
Phone: 403-777-3646