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National Sport Academy Lacrosse At RT Alderman School

Grade 7, 8 and 9

What are the eligibility requirements to attend RT Alderman School and train with the National Sport Academy?

RT Alderman School Catchment Area

A student going into grade 7, 8 or 9 must apply to participate in the Science Program at RT Alderman School. For more information on the Science Program and to understand the similarities or differences from a regular program, please contact RT Alderman School. The student must also live in the catchment area for the Science Program at RT Alderman School. This area is approximately the entire southeast quadrant of the city of Calgary. The exact boundaries may be found here. For more information and to apply to the Science Program at RT Alderman School, please contact RT Alderman School at 403-777-7520 or

R.T. Alderman School is located at 725 Mapleton DR. SE,

National Sport Academy Application Process

In addition, a student must complete the application process with the National Sport Academy which includes:

  • Complete the National Sport Academy application ( the web link for the online application will be emailed upon request).
  • Attend a current National Sport Academy ice session where an on-ice assessment will take place.
  • Meet with the National Sport Academy coaches to review the National Sport Academy program and how it operates.

How many box / field training sessions do the student athletes have throughout the year?

National Sport Academy – Lacrosse targets approximately 125 training sessions per year from September 2021 to June 2022.

National Sport Academy Lacrosse Schedule – Three Days A Week

Sport Specific Training Session – Box / Field Training

The student athletes will train in box or field lacrosse every Monday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be regular school days. Sessions will consist of a combination of drills, activities and small area games in order to develop individual skills and tactics as well as offensive and defensive individual skills / tactics and lacrosse IQ.

Facilities include:

  • RT Alderman / Willow Ridge Community Association fields – fall and spring field lacrosse.
  • Willow Ridge outdoor box arena – fall and spring box lacrosse.
  • Southland Leisure Centre Sports Hall – winter box lacrosse.

How does the National Sport Academy training impact the student athlete’s academic classes?

On days when the National Sport Academy trains at Southland Leisure Centre, the student athletes are bussed back to R.T. Alderman School and will arrive back at the school at about 9:20 am. R.T. Alderman School has created a flexible period in period 1 for the National Sport Academy student athletes. In addition, to meet the needs of these student athletes, a culture with the teachers in the school has been created to accommodate these student athletes. When the student athletes complete training in the morning and return to RT Alderman School, they become regular students at R.T. Alderman School and receive all of their core subjects, Physical Education as well as all of their options.

Do the National Sport Academy student athletes take their academic classes as one group of students?

The National Sport Academy student athletes are integrated into the general population at R.T. Alderman School and only come together in the mornings for the National Sport Academy – Lacrosse training.

How do the student athletes get from Southland Leisure Centre to R.T. Alderman School after training?

Student athletes are bussed back to R.T. Alderman School.

How do the student athletes move their lacrosse equipment from R.T. Alderman School to the training facility at Southland Leisure Centre?

Student athletes must have a second set of equipment they store at Southland Leisure Centre in a heated secure storage room. Some equipment may be transported back and forth in a sport bag and stored at R.T. Alderman School.

Is transportation provided to R.T. Alderman School in the morning and at the end of the school day? How do student athletes get from home and to and from R.T. Alderman School?

National Sport Academy training occurs in the morning before school so, parents are required to transport their student athlete to the training location at Southland Leisure Centre or R.T. Alderman School / Willow Ridge Community Association outdoor box rink / fields. After training at Southland Leisure Centre the National Sport Academy provides bus transportation for the student athletes back to R.T. Alderman School. All students participating in the Science Program attending RT Alderman are eligible for bussing to and from RT Alderman.

How do we receive feedback on our student athlete’s progress in the National Sport Academy?

National Sport Academy Lacrosse coaches are available to meet throughout the year when they are not leading training sessions with National Sport Academy student athletes. In addition, there will be times throughout the year when we have scheduled individual coach / parent meetings that we hope you will attend. We know these dates and times won’t work for everyone so, we can’t stress enough that we can meet at any time the coaches are not working with student athletes.

National Sport Academy Lacrosse Training

National Sport Academy Lacrosse is a unique and specialized training and learning environment combining academics at RT Alderman School in grade 7, 8 and 9 with the goal of experiencing and developing the lifestyle of a student athlete as well as developing high level lacrosse skills and tactics to play at a higher level including the dream of playing varsity lacrosse at the college / university level and higher. Periodized sport training is designed to work in harmony with the demands of student athletes’ competitive sport training schedules and academic course load.

Achieving a student athlete’s dream of being a high performance student athlete, playing junior or receiving an athletic scholarship and playing college / university athletics, making a career playing your sport or playing for your country are lofty goals. Training for this lifestyle is important.

The National Sport Academy helps the student athlete and their parents navigate the arduous and sometimes confusing journey to become a successful elite student athlete. By focusing on…

  • Character development
  • Sport development – athletics and sport
  • Purposeful practice with purposeful repetitions
  • A safe environment to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes through repetition
  • Supporting and promoting academics

…the National Sport Academy student athletes can achieve what many National Sport Academy alumni have achieved – setting themselves up academically and athletically to play and compete at an elite level in their sport.

Why should you…
consider the National Sport Academy Lacrosse Program?

National Sport Academy Lacrosse Head Coach, Gord Henry

  • Professional
  • Dedicated
  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Passionate!

National Sport Academy Lacrosse box and field training is incorporated into the National Sport Academy training.

Purposeful National Sport Academy Lacrosse practices give student athletes the competitive advantage of training more than 3 times that of many other lacrosse players.

Learn advanced technical & tactical skills

  • Passing, shooting, catching, loose balls,
  • Checking & positioning
  • Box: Offence, Transition, Defence & Goaltender
  • Field: Attack, Midfield, Defence, Longpole & Goaltender

Technical Development focuses on establishing composure, confidence and creativity specific to each player’s position:

  • Passing
  • Dodges
  • Shooting
  • Checking
  • Cradling
  • Positioning
  • Pick and Rolls
  • Catching
  • Loose Balls
  • Decision Making / Thinking

Develop technical skills for all positions: field & box lacrosse.

  • Offensive and defensive principles & decision making.
  • Experience quality, purposeful practices.
  • Repetition, taking the necessary risks in order to learn high level skills & decision making!

Sport training sessions are innovative and focus on individual needs. Athletes are challenged in a positive and competitive environment.

Tactical Themes are established to increase an athlete’s understanding and passion for the field lacrosse and the box lacrosse game, translating to maximum success as player progress through various levels including:

  • Ball Control / Protection
  • Off-Ball Strategy
  • Vision & awareness to be creative and innovative
  • Creativity
  • Video Analysis
  • Gap Control
  • Changing Direction & Speed
  • Quick Sticks
  • Transition
  • Shooting on the Run

Develop athleticism and create an overall healthy lifestyle.

National Sport Academy Lacrosse student athletes are required to play on a Calgary & District Lacrosse Association (CDLA) club team. National Sport Academy Lacrosse sessions compliment each student athlete’s training with their CDLA club team.

National Sport Academy – Lacrosse supports student athletes to lead the lifestyle of a successful student athlete.

For more information, please contact:

Jamie Armitage
Phone: 403-777-3646

Gord Henry, Head Coach, National Sport Academy Male Lacrosse
Phone: 403-777-3646