9:30 – 10:45 am

August 19 – 23, 2019

Southland Leisure Centre

Prepare for the upcoming hockey season with ice sessions that challenge and prepare skills, tactics, vision, awareness and decision making for the Pee Wee and Bantam player.

Skills: skating, passing, puck handling, shooting.
Tactics: puck patience and puck protection.
Vision, awareness and decision making.

Approximately 30 minutes each day will be allocated to skills and tactics. The remaining 45 minutes will be the application of skills and tactics in competitive situations and small area games. Learning to apply skills and tactics in the unpredictability of game and competitive situations is the key to being an effective and productive player.

Create a learning environment similar to game situations where time and space is limited, traffic and pressure are unpredictable and controlled by the flow of the game. Decision making is critical in continuing to learn how to effectively apply skills and tactics. Embrace and learn from the mistakes made – do it again!

Pee Wee players competing against Pee Wee players and Bantam players competing against Bantam players.

Maximum 4 goaltenders, 10 Pee Wee players, 10 Bantam players
Fee: $200.00 (including GST)
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