Application Timelines

January 1, 2021 to March 5, 2021

The National Sport Academy application web link is available to access so that applications may be submitted to the National Sport Academy. Please contact the National Sport Academy to discuss your application and to receive the web link.

March 6 to June 1, 2021

The National Sport Academy application web link is available and may still be accessed in order to submit an application to the National Sport Academy. However, the Calgary Board of Education deadline of March 15 applies. For applicants who meet the criteria to be accepted, after March 15, 2020, they will only be accepted if there is room in the grade requested at the school they are applying for.

Application Process

Step 1

National Sport Academy Application Package

Request the link to the National Sport Academy online application. Click here.

Step 2

Once the online application is received, you will be contacted to set up a meeting with the parents and student athlete. The meeting is to address any questions regarding the National Sport Academy that you may have.

Step 3

Sport Assessment (if applicable)

The student athlete applying to the National Sport Academy will be invited to an existing National Sport Academy training session where the student athlete will participate in the session, meet the current National Sport Academy student athletes and coaches. A meeting will take place after the session to review the program and answer any questions you may have.

Step 4

Admissions Committee Decision

The National Sport Academy will review the National Sport Academy online application, consult the appropriate school, if necessary, to determine if the applicant is a suitable student athlete for the program.

Step 5

Contacting The Student Athlete / Family

Upon the completion of Step 4, the student athlete and their parents will be contacted immediately and informed of the decision. Student athletes that are accepted into the National Sport Academy and the appropriate school are provided information on the next steps for school registration.

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