Since 2005, the National Sport Academy FlexSports at Central Memorial High School has been working with student athletes (and their parents) to help manage both sport and academic performance while continuing to train with their own sport club and coach. Creating an environment that accommodates both sport and academics has aided many student athletes in “achieving their sport and academic dreams” making the whole education experience more enjoyable.

Why manage the busy lifestyle of a student athlete?

Student athletes and parents know that training, competitions, school, homework and driving to and from facilities can be overwhelming and often have an impact on sport performance, academics and the general health of a student athlete. Having flexibility and support during the school week to assist in managing a student’s academics and athletics can have a positive impact on their overall wellbeing.

We understand managing the lifestyle of a busy competitive student athlete can be a difficult task!

“Is it possible to get more hours in the normal day to accommodate the busy student athlete? Being organized but still in a situation where I am still doing homework at 11:00 pm is stressful and taxing.”

“Is it possible to get flexibility during the school day without giving up classes for credits?”

“My sport is my passion. I also know my academics and doing well in them is necessary. It is difficult to manage the two of them and be successful in both.”

The National Sport Academy, working with the flexible scheduling / timetabling at Central Memorial High School, has a solution.

Benefits of the FlexSports Program

Flexibility during the school week to do homework, work ahead in classes, schedule training, rehabilitate injuries or rest.

Use the student athlete’s club sport training experiences, combined with National Sport Academy classes and training, to achieve the learning outcomes in Physical Education 10 (5 credits), 20 (5 credits) and 30 (5 credits) as well as the opportunity to use National Sport Academy training to achieve additional credits in Career & Technology Studies (CTS) modules.

Be better prepared mentally and physically for training, competitions and academics by being organized and using your time wisely. Review academic and athletic training schedules on a weekly or biweekly basis and monthly basis.

Be better prepared for major competitions in your sport by effectively managing academics before, during and after the competition to prevent conflicts and unrealistic expectations.

Effectively communicate with teachers to set yourself up for success during your busy sport lifestyle. Building relationships with your teachers to earn their respect and trust leads to more success.

Stay on target to achieve sport and academic goals.

Coaching & Leadership

Examples include:

  • Student Athlete Development plan.
  • Road To Success
  • Nutrition.
  • Routes Choices & Scholarships – resume, eligibility requirements, school selection, promotion, rules and regulations.
  • Promotion, Self Advocacy, Communication
  • Managing Distractions.
  • Leading The High Performance Lifestyle.
  • Managing Academics – D2L, My Pass, Report Cards

Examples of National Sport Academy FlexSports student athletes that have participated in National Sport Academy FlexSports have trained in: Alpine Skiing, Badminton, Equestrian, Diving, Figure Skating, Ringette, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Triathlon, Wrestling.

Who do I contact for more information?

Roger Wolfe, National Sport Academy

There are many components to National Sport Academy FlexSports. We welcome a conversation over the telephone or a meeting in person. Please send an email with your contact information or contact Roger at 403-777-3646.